UCF Judaic Studies Program established 1984.For more than 25 years, the Judaic Studies Program at UCF has enhanced Judaic knowledge, scholarship, and awareness in Central Florida. The program offers an interdisciplinary Minor in Judaic Studies and a Certificate in Judaic Studies. Judaic Studies forms an essential component of the university curriculum because the roots of western culture, civilization, and major world religions lie in ancient Jewish thought and practice, as manifested in the Hebrew Bible and subsequent writings.

New Web Courses in Judaic Studies

  • JST 3120: Hebrew Scriptures
    Instructor: . Hanson | Credit hours: 3

  • JST 3930: ST: Great Minds in Jewish History
    Instructor: J. Phillips-Berger | Credit hours: 3
  • JST 3701: History of the Holocaust
    Instructor: K. Hanson | Credit hours: 3
  • JST 3005: Tenets of Judaism
    Instructor: J. Berger | Credit hours: 3
  • JST 3401: Jewish People in Antiquity
    Instructor: K. Hanson | Credit hours: 3
  • JST3126: Romantic Love in the Bible
    Instructor: K. Hanson | Credit hours: 3

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Fall 2015 courses:

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Additional offerings include:

  • Modern Hebrew Language I and II
  • Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
  • The Israeli Experience in Short Stories


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Pelli Wins Judaica Bibliography Award

Moshe Pelli is the 2014 winner of the AJL Judaica Bibliography Award.

The Association of Jewish Libraries honored Pelli for his recent book The Journals of the Haskalah (Hebrew Englightenment) from 1820 to 1845, which includes monographs and annotated indices to eight Hebrew periodicals published in Holland, Galicia, Germany and Lithuania in the 19th century. [Read More]


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Recent Faculty Publications

Moshe Pelli

Publication Image
The Journals of the Haskalah 1820 to 1845, Monographs and Annotated Indices to Eight Hebrew Periodicals in Holland, Galicia, Germany and Lithuania, Magnes Press of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; 437 pp.; bibliography, index, English abstract, 2013 [Hebrew].

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