Judaic Studies

Programs and Certificates

The Interdisciplinary Program in Judaic Studies offers both a Minor and a Certificate. The program cooperates with the departments of English, Modern Languages, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, and with the Liberal Studies and Women's Studies Programs. The Minor requirements vary depending on the catalog year of the student.

The purpose of the Minor and Certificate in Judaic Studies is to enable students to acquire a foundation of knowledge in Jewish history, the Hebrew language, Jewish philosophy, culture, religious beliefs, and political aspirations, and to understand the contribution of Judaism to Western civilization. The courses highlight major aspects of Jewish civilization, focusing on its interaction with other cultures and dwelling on the bodies of human knowledge upon which it draws.

The Minor and Certificate are designed to serve students pursuing careers in general or Jewish education, in the ministry or rabbinate, in international and Middle Eastern affairs, in languages or liberal arts, and in the community at large.



  • Judaic Studies Certificate
    The Judaic Studies Certificate is available for degree students completing 5 courses (15 credits) in Judaic Studies. Non-degree, community students, completing 15 credits in Judaic Studies will receive a certificate of completion. For additional information, contact the Judaic Studies Advisor.

    Students may major in Interdisciplinary Studies and concentrate on Judaic Studies. For details, contact the Judaic Studies office or Interdisciplinary Studies.

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